all customer buying decisions are a multiple attribute trade offs. Any product/service can be describes in terms of 100s of attributes. Only a few attributes a matter to each customer (market segment of one) and these are usually different - the other 99 or so are just taken for granted they are fit for purpose. Attribute values (perceived utility values) can be "best in world"; "best in class" or, just "FGE"! Not all the attributes of a product/service need to be "best in world" as this increases the costs. However, all the attributes whether specified or not can kill the product/service. Eg, the battery fails the car fails. Unless a customer is a "nerd" it is unlikely they will specify the battery. Hence, there are multiple "fitness landscapes" one for each customer?

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Spot on Geoff. There are multiple attributes, and fitness surfaces do depend on context. As with a biological species, there will be many fitness landscapes for each product. The following study of sympatric pupfish provides a good visual of what charting multiple fitness landscape looks like.

Selecting the right level of granularity to analyze will be the subject of future transmissions, but thanks for being the first to enrich the discussion.


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