Post Bureaucracy is a weekly transmission, despatched each Monday morning. It is a short two to three-minute read targeted at executives (1) contemplating or navigating new organisational forms: those that are agile, radically decentralised, and adaptive.

The posts will be excerpts from my consulting work in Agile/Adaptive org dev. They will span foundational concepts from a variety of disciplines including Lean, Agile, Complexity Science, and Organisational Behaviour.

Its value

Many organisations are in the midst of, or will face in the future, some sort of post-bureaucratic restructuring. All sorts of organisations are loosening up, embracing ‘Agile’, devolving decision-making, digitalising value chains and virtualising workforces. Every major consultancy is pushing their flavour of Agile or Adaptive Organisation design — radically decentralised structures designed for the digital era.

Executives facing such re-structuring have to rapidly learn new ideas about working, leading and managing. They need to quickly assimilate new concepts and vocabularies. The better these are understood, the more effective the executive’s contribution will be.

Post Bureaucracy is designed to impart important concepts in an easy-to-digest format; something that can be read over breakfast each Monday morning. They will include links for in-depth further study.

The transmission should also be of value to incoming executives, for many MBA programs are dangerously thin on contemporary organisational theory.

Over time, Post Bureaucracy will become a valuable compendium of reference knowledge for executives of the future.

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1. Executives = “those knowledge workers, managers, or individual professionals”, in the words of Peter Drucker, “who are expected by virtue of their position or their knowledge to make decisions in the normal course of their work that have significant impact on the performance and results of the whole.”

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John Dobbin

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